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Creativity is achieved by working and only working... It is that constant work, both in my studio and outside of it, which leads me to concentrate on the "process" of creation / development of my artwork and which constantly increases my capacity for reflection, taking into consideration everything that constitutes me as a human being... My personal, professional, academic experiences... It is this "process" that takes center stage in the creation of the artwork. and this is how it reflects. 

It is this same "process" that evokes in me to adopt new attitudes at certain times, which lead me to make different decisions in the face of the unknown. To take risks according to my insatiable desire to evolve as an artist and a human being.

I don't know when the process ends because I have no control of it, but I know when to pause and let the artwork come to life and show our relationship. 

David Rodríguez Francis


Word count: 202


David Rodríguez Francis (b. 1961) is a painter based in San Juan, Puerto Rico, with a primary focus in geometric abstraction and arte cinético. His work is heavily influenced, but not determined, by his background in industrial design and the historical artistas cinéticos of his native Venezuela, including Carlos Cruz Diez and Jesús Rafael Soto.


His earlier body of work referenced many of the optical techniques of cinetismo and op art of the late 1950s and 60s, including the use of light, repetition, and viewer interaction. His most recent works, currently on display, focus on the formal relationship between color, and organic or geometric shapes. An innate colorist, Rodríguez Francis pursues a steady chromatic palette, juxtaposing vibrant hues with muted tones–a signature of his work. His frequent use of sharp contrasts and transparencies seek to challenge how the viewers experience color within the composition, demanding extended engagement with the work.


His paintings are rooted in the fundamental principles of design, with sophisticated concerns for balance and contrast. Nevertheless, his painting practice allows for a release of design’s functional aspirations. The process is privileged over the product, an approach that allows for the development of a meditated yet experimental visual vocabulary.




Carolina Maestre


San Juan, Puerto Rico/ Washington D.C.

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